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Comparison of dies Hole-shaped between home and abroad
Author:Wire Drawing Dies Date:2009年09月23日 From:Zhenhua Wire Drawing Dies Factory 
Core Tip:
elow the domestically produced wiredrawing mold mold semifinished product exists obvious insufficient:    Yan Woqiao cuts S to take straightforward ei pulls out in the process the wire rod with the mo

elow the domestically produced wiredrawing mold mold semifinished product exists obvious insufficient:
   Yan Woqiao cuts S to take straightforward ei pulls out in the process the wire rod with the mold core entrance region contact, the entrance region cone angle is first small, not only has increased the wire rod with in hole contacted area, causes the friction force to increase, moreover hindrance lubricant's drag-, causes in the drawing process the lubrication effect variation, serious influence mold service life.
  The overseas wiredrawing mold product's inlet angle increases, has avoided the wire rod and the wiredrawing mold's abrasion effectively, and has led more lubricants, strengthened the lubrication effect, reduced the mold core attrition. This kind of change improved the wire rod surface quality, simultaneously also enhanced the wiredrawing mold's service life.②The work area is short. Compares with the domestic homogeneous specification's wiredrawing mold, the overseas wiredrawing mold work area's length wants long generally many. The long work area is advantageous in the wire rod in draws in the process the friction force reduction and the uniform distribution, reduces in the wiredrawing mold the hole attrition, enhances the die life. The long narrow work area can reduce the wire rod and draw mold's gap, may force many lubricants under the tremendous pressure to enter the wire rod with in hole, thus creates the better lubrication pressure. The wire rod temperature which exits by in hole is low, the pulling capacity reduces, draws in the process the metal flowing to be evener, is advantageous to the drawing speed enhancement and the wire rod surface quality improvement. In addition, this type's workplace design can also prevent the lubricant from the wiredrawing mold's import end withdrawal.
  Our country mold, because the work area is short, causes in the hole the effective usable area to be small, not only increased the friction force, the aggravating wore, moreover waste raw material, has increased the cost investment.
   Decides the diameter area is the wire rod determination final size final link, decides the diameter area short, and not straight immediate influence to wire rod final quality. Short decides the diameter belt easily to create the product size out-of-tolerance, and causes to draw the mold very quick attrition abandonment. Obvious and straight decides the diameter area to be able to produce the high accuracy and the high surface quality wire rod, moreover is advantageous in reduces the attrition, enhances the wiredrawing mold's service life greatly.
  Supports the deer to produce the wiredrawing mold and our country Xianggang produces the wiredrawing mold's wear curve contrast to be possible to know, two kind of wiredrawing molds in same draw under the condition to work: Work piece material quality: 65 steel wire rods; Drawing speed: 3.64m/s; Draws with the lubricant: Detergent powder; Draws the front surface coating: The sulfuric acid acid pickling, the phosphorization, spread the borax. The test result indicated that the wiredrawing mold's structure has the very tremendous influence to the wiredrawing mold's use. The German domestic product wiredrawing mold's service life produces wiredrawing mold's service life high 2.72 times compared to Xianggang.

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